Tenant Representation Team Frequently Asked Questions


Our client’s core business is not commercial real estate, and the average company does not need to address their real estate needs except as a cost of doing business, so we are often asked the same questions. The most common questions are:

“How long will the entire process take?”
The typical lease process takes about 6-9 months, but the actual time required can vary widely depending on the requirement. We can perform a free no-obligation analysis of your situation so there are no surprises.

“Who pays for your services?”
We are paid by the landlord who signs your lease. These costs are included in your rent, so there are no out-of-pocket costs to you.

“It would be too expensive for us to move, so we have to renew our lease; how can you help us in that case?”
Over half of our assignments involve negotiating lease renewals. Our case studies document the substantial savings we are able to negotiate on our client’s behalf.

“We don’t really know how much space we need; can you help us determine that?”
Absolutely. We have many relationships with architects who can assist in the program-ming process.